This video I will show you a Traditional Saudi Arabia Market. Great Souvenir shopping in Saudi Arabia and what to buy in Riyadh. This video is about my trip to Souq al-Zal, a traditional market in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The name of the market translates to Carpet market but you can find so much more there. Wonder what to buy on your vacation in Saudi Arabia? The market is huge and offers so much to see and experience. The Riyadh travel vlog aims to give you an idea of the best souvenirs to get in Saudi Arabia and respective prices on items such as Oud, fragrances, sandals, bisht, traditional clothing, swords, abayas, etc.

➔ What a cool shopping and culture experience! If you are interested in some of the following questions, this video is for you:

  • What are the best souvenirs in Saudi Arabia?
  • Where to go souvenir shopping in Riyadh?
  • What does a traditional market in Saudi Arabia look like?
  • What is a typical shopping experience in a Saudi Souq?
  • Where can I get Oud, fragrances, sandals, bisht, traditional clothing, abayas, etc.?
  • How much are typical Saudi souvenirs?
  • Is Souq al-Zal safe? Is Riyadh safe?
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