My Underground Cave Lake Adventure at Heet Cave in Riyadh

Welcome to my new travel blog episode on Heet Cave just outside of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s bustling capital. Heet Cave is a somewhat hidden cave with an underground lake and it’s definitely a good choice if you wonder what things to do in Riyadh. The cave is situated about 45-60 minutes outside of Riyadh. Is it among the best locations in Saudi Arabia? I am not sure, but it is definitely worth a visit when you are staying in Riyadh. But bring good shoes as the hike down the cave is pretty steep and there are no paved footpaths.

For this vlog episode, I decided to go for a Saudi car rental in riyadh. This ended up being a great choice and quite affordable. It’s amazing how cheap fuel is in Saudi Arabia! This video thus also covers my experience renting a car in Saudi Arabia (spoiler alert: It’s very inexpensive and practical to rent a car in Saudi Arabia, definitely a good alternative to taking guided sightseeing tours or a taxi). If you want to get answers to the following questions, this vlog episode is for you:

  • What is Heet Cave?
  • Where is Heet Cave and how do I get there?
  • Is Heet Cave worth a visit?
  • How much time should I factor in for the visit?
  • What do I need to bring to Heet Cave?
  • Would Heet Cave be part of the best travel bucket list ideas for Riyadh?
  • How can I rent a car in Riyadh and much is renting a car in Saudi Arabia?
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