Historic Sites and Mosques in Medina, Saudi Arabia

Medina is a magic city. It is peaceful and full of history. Many of the historical sites tell stories of early islam and the struggles of the islamic community at the time. Madinah is also a holy place, with historic mosques such as Masjid al Qiblatayn, the Quba Mosque and of course Masjid An Nabawi, the Prophet’s Mosque.

This travel blog episode features my Umrah to Medina. I visited three major historic sites for Islam: the site of the tragic battle of Uhud (Mount Uhud), the Qiblatayn Mosque where the direction of prayer changed from Aksa in Jerusalem to Mecca, and the Quba Mosque, the very first mosque that was built and a major site for Islam history. All three of these holy places in Saudi Arabia are beautiful and amazing – a must-see when you are coming to Medina as a tourist, interested traveler or as part of your Hajj or Umrah. Several tour operators offer them in their program, but for my Madina vlog, I ventured to these sites just via taxi. If you plan to visit Saudi Arabia and you wonder what to do in Saudi Arabia, I hope these travel tips for Medina will be useful.

If you want to know more about the following questions this video is for you:

  • What should I visit in Medina?
  • Why is the Battle of Uhud important for the history of Islam?
  • What happened at the battle of Uhud?
  • Why is the Qiblatayn mosque a historic religious landmark?
  • What can you do on your Umrah 2020?
  • Why is the Quba mosque a historic place in Islam?

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