Visiting Medina’s Holy Mosque Masjid Nabawi for Jummah, the Friday Prayer in Madinah (Middle East Trip 🇸🇦Saudi Arabia Vlog)

Medina is likley the most peaceful of all travel destinations I have visited. Visiting the holy mosques in Makkah and Madinah is an amazing experience and this was my first time in Medina as part of my umrah this year. This special travel vlog episode gives some pointers for one of the two major holy sites and one of the most amazing places in the world. I was fortunate to have been in Medina on a Friday so I was able to attend the Jummah Friday prayer at the majestic Al Masjid An Nabawi.

The Prophet’s Mosque SAW is the second largest mosque in the world, holding over 1 million worshippers. It is currently undergoing a further expansion. If you are wondering where to go in Saudi Arabia, look no further. This Medina vlog will hopefully give you a good idea about the holy mosque, the Nabawi Masjid, and the special atmosphere in the holy mosque – including a beautiful azan call for prayer at the end.

This video may also be interesting for you if you plan your Hajj travel or you want to make Madina part of your Middle East trip. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Hajj update but I hope the holy mosques will be open again soon. Be safe and travel differently, once it is possible again.

My travel to Madinah was part of my Umrah this year, coming from Makkah via the Haramain train. This travel vlog is therefore a bit different than my other vlog episodes as it dives more into Islam and provides some insights into the history of the amazing mosque. You may also get more of a spiritual feeling from this travel episode, being part of my small hajj. Clearly, I was not the only religious traveler and tourist in the holy city of Medina. In fact, the haram was so full for the Jummah prayer that I could not get a place inside!

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