Souvenir Shopping at the Night Market in the holy city of Medina (Souvenir Market Madinah)

This Saudi Arabia vlog episode is part of my Saudi vlog series and is about my first time in Medina. While much of my time ans Umrah in Medina was dedicated to religious visits such as Masjid An Nabawi, Masjid al Qiblatayn, the Quba mosque, and the Uhud Battle site, I did go for a stroll to the night market when the Nabawi mosque was closed in the evening. Medina is one of the most well-known Saudi Arabia tourism and religious tourism destinations in the world.

This Medina vlog episode on the night market in Madinah KSA aims to provide some ideas of the best souvenirs you can buy in Medina and their prices. When you visit Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia is one of your Middle East destinations, you wonder what to do in Medina, what to visit in Medina or what to buy in Medina, this may be an interesting video for you. If you have never been to a Saudi market, this may be an great Saudi shopping experience for you. At this souvenir market, you will find Saudi souvenirs like Siwak (Miswak), fragrances and perfumes, Abayas, luggage and handbags, jewelry, prayer rugs, prayer beads, Saudi dates, nuts, henna, and so much more. The religious tourist market offers an eclectic mix of local products from Medina, mass-produced souvenirs and religious items from abroad.

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