Finding the best Dates in Saudi Arabia – (Souvenir Market Shopping)

This Saudi Arabia vlog episode is about getting more clarity on the amazing range of dates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the second largest date producer in the World. With over 400 different kinds of dates, it can become quite a challenge to find the right ones. This travel vlog is therefore a bit of a food travel video. When you visit Saudi Arabia and you are looking for a great souvenir in a local market, buying dates can be a great option. Check out the various dates markets and travel differently: While you can buy dates in supermarkets and they have a wide variety on display there, it is more fun to go to traditional souqs, food markets and specialized date stores.

I bought my dates in Riyadh and Medina Saudi Arabia (See my Umrah vlog series for related information). Dates shopping can also be just fun as the vendors usually let you taste the different dates. Saudi Arabia has some of the best dates in the world. So, naturally, Saudi Arabia is one of the best travel destinations for dates shopping. Don’t miss out on this amazing travel experience on your next Middle East trip or food trip. As a tip, try the Sukkary and Ajwa dates – they are so tasty!

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