A visit to Taibah markets, Gold Souk Riyadh Saudi Arabia

This Saudi Arabia travel vlog episode is about my visit to a large traditional gold market in Saudi Arabia. Taibah Markets in Riyadh is centrally located in Olaya. It features dozens of shops selling Saudi gold jewelry, 22k gold, 24k gold but also many other great items.

A visit to the Gold Souk Riyadh is one of the really interesting things to do in Riyadh Saudi Arabia as the atmosphere is quite special. It’s a fun thing to do and should be part of your Saudi travel experience. And who knows, you may end up with a crazy 24k gold chain as a special souvenir from Saudi Arabia. I was told that gold in Saudi Arabia is relatively affordable due to the lower labor costs which may make for some cheap gold shopping. But don’t get fooled – Gold jewelry is still expensive, no matter what.

Besides Saudi gold jewelry, you will find fragrances, traditional clothing, abayas, handbags, sweets, dates, shoes and so much more at Taibah markets. The vendors let you try the fragrances, dates, traditional outfits. And you can find the obligatory oud sellers that will be happy to let you smell the different scents of fragranced wood in their wood burners. All that makes for a great souvenir shopping experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Nobody will try to harass you for sales – another great advantage of the still emerging Saudi Arabia tourism.

If you plan to visit Saudi Arabia and make Riyadh part of your trip, I recommend you visit this traditional gold market for Saudi gold jewelry and KSA gold. It may be one of those crazy travel bucket list ideas. And this particular gold market in Riyadh is perhaps one of the most interesting in the Middle East as it has been around for such a long time.

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One of Saudi Arabia’s largest gold souks: Taibah markets

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