Riyadh Saudi Arabia Travel Vlog on Prices in Saudi Arabia

How expensive is Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? What is the right travel budget for you? Welcome to my Saudi Arabia travel vlog as part of a series of episodes on travel tips and travel videos for Saudi Arabia. In this travel video, I am covering some expenses that travelers and visitors need to factor in when visiting Riyadh. These are entirely based on my own travel experiences and you may therefore still check on the travel costs and travel prices yourself.

While I am focusing mainly on the Travel expenses in Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh, many of the prices will be similar across the country. If you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia and want to get a better idea of your travel budget, this video and Saudi Arabia travel vlog is for you. Note that this Saudi Arabia travel vlog is entirely based on my own travel experiences in Saudi Arabia and may therefore not be representative for all of the country.

Watch this video travel diary if you want to get answers on the following:

  • What travel budget do I need to visit Saudi Arabia?
  • Is Saudi Arabia expensive?
  • Is Riyadh expensive?
  • What are typical prices in Saudi Arabia?
  • What is the right travel budget for Saudi Arabia?
  • What are typical costs for transport in Riyadh?
  • How much are restaurants in Riyadh?
  • How much is accommodation in Saudi Arabia?
  • How much is a hotel in Riyadh? (also: Bed & Breakfasts, AirBnB, etc.)
  • What can I expect in a Saudi supermarket? How much is food?
  • What are options for budget travelers in Riyadh?
  • If I put Saudi Arabia on my travel bucket list, what budget do I need?
Prices in Saudi Arabia – is Saudi Arabia Expensive?

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