Visit of the Historic Saudi Arabia Cultural Heritage Village – A Journey 500 Years back in Time

In this travel vlog episode I ventured to visit Saudi Arabia Cultural Heritage Village Sadus. Sadus is a small village located about 1 hour drive from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s bustling capital. This historic cultural heritage village offers a glimpse of what life in Arabia looked like 500 years ago.

Much of the village has been reconstructed and you find lots of shops and local food stalls where the locals will be happy to explain their produce and life in the village. But it’s also super interesting to see the original ruins of Sadus which have been left untouched. If you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia and make it to Riyadh, Sadus village is worth a trip. Incidentally, it is located on the way to the Edge of the World, so some tour operators have it as part of their program as well.

Watch this video if you want to get answers on the following:

  • What does a historic heritage village in Saudi Arabia look like?
  • How can I get to Sadus village?
  • What can I visit when in Riyadh?
  • What is at display at Sadus Heritage Village?

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