The Alpine Mountain Glacier Village Grindelwald is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland!

Grindelwald is a small mountain village in the Bernese Highlands and is truly one of the best places to visit in Switzerland. In this video I am taking a walk through the village, which will provide you with some first impressions and some background for your Switzerland travel to Grindelwald. The locals keep the gardens and flower beets super neat and it’s a true eye candy to just walk around and see all the amazing (and very instagrammable) corners of this glacier village that sits right below the Eiger with the famous Eiger North face, with the Moench and the Jungfrau Top of Europe just behind.

You best rent one of the many Swiss chalets that line the main road up the mountain and dot the lush green meadows around the village. You will also find lots of hotels, bed and breakfasts and holiday apartments in Grindelwald. They are not cheap, especially during the high season months in winter and summer. Less expensive options may be a youth hostel and two campsites. Irrespective of which accommodation you end up choosing, Grindelwald Switzerland is one of best places to stay in Switzerland.

You can get to Grindelwald by car and train. The drive from Interlaken takes about 45 minutes. There is a also very convenient train connection to Interlaken via the Bernese Oberland railways. Once you are in Grindelwald, everything is pretty much in walking distance. But there is also an excellent bus transport infrastructure available.

This travel video is part of a series of Switzerland vlogs in 4K Ultra HD (which also are my Switzerland travel diary) will hopefully provide some answers to these and more questions you may have: What do you go see in Switzerland and what is the Switzerland travel experience? What to do in Switzerland in summer and what are the best places to stay in Switzerland? What to do in the Swiss Alps and what are the best places to visit in Switzerland? Where do I go in Switzerland and what can I see in Switzerland? Are you planning to travel Switzerland and are curious about what is the best travel experiences in Switzerland and what to do in the Swiss Alps? My travel diary on what to do in Switzerland in Summer will provide some inspiration.
My walking tour through the beautiful alpine village of Grindelwald.

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