Saudi Arabia has just recently introduced a tourist visa as part of its vision 2030 to boost tourism in the country. I have traveled to the Kingdom and was amazed by the many hidden treasures it has to offer. Much of the country is not quite ready for all facets of tourism yet. But that in itself is fascinating. My major takeaway from my trip: The hospitality of the Saudis is amazing. Countless times, I was offered help, food, presents and encountered warm and friendly people everywhere I went.

Find below some vlogs on my recent trip. I hope they give you some insights and inspire you to explore this fascinating country and rich culture.

My introduction to Saudi Arabia, with tips on transport, visa, arrival, insurance, safety, communications and more.
My exploration of Riyadh’s best panoramic views – Amazing urban perspectives of a fascinating city with super modern and daring architecture.
My experience in a traditional Saudi market with lots of exciting Saudi souvenirs and super nice encounters.
At the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, a great way to learn about Saudi Arabia’s rich history, dating back to the cradle of mankind. The museum offers some amazing insights on the times of early Islam, the birth of the Saudi nation and perspectives of the future of the holiy cities of Mecca and Medina.
A great trip to an underground cave lake just outside of Riyadh.
My journey on the super modern bullet high speed train “Al Haramain” from Mecca to Medina.
A great tour of Medina, visiting important historic sites and mosques.
An amazing day at the Masjid An Nabawi in Medina.
A visit to Medina’s night market, checking out the various souvenirs and items for sale.
An exploration of the best dates in Saudi Arabia, visiting date markets in Riyadh and Medina.
An amazing journey to the Tuwaiq canyon, better known as the Edge of the World, outside Riyadh.