My Recommendations on Travel Preparation and Travel Gear

Below you will find some of the equipment and items I use and like. Click on the pictures to get more details on the items on the Amazon website. Should you decide to purchase any of the products on Amazon, I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps to keep this page alive.

Camera and Vlog Equipment

My GoPro action camera. I love it: It is small, rugged and I can take it anywhere. I also like the wide angle look and the amazing image stabilization on it. No gimbals needed.

A great and very affordable camera accessories set. This allows me to attach my GoPro and other cameras pretty much anywhere. Just great to have to get special angles or shoot in different environments.

My favorite tripod/ camera grip. A great camera stick that also works as a tripod. It’s my favorite vlogging tool as it allows to bend in so many ways. Great to get shots from high above or low to the ground while still walking.

My primary camera, the amazing Canon M50. Pretty much a vlogging classic. It’s lightweight and I love the autofocus. Plus it looks really cool in white…

My favorite lens (Sigma 16mm/1.4): This lens gives that great depth of field with a blurry background. Works super well in lower lighting too.

Computer, Phone and Storage

My iPhone 11 which is probably the tool I use the most for everything I do. Much of my video footage is recorded on it (especially if I don’t have my cameras with me or don’t feel like using them). But I also manage my YouTube channel, Instagram account and everything else on it.

My Mac Book Pro which I use for all my video and sound editing. It’s fast, it’s rugged, it’s user friendly and it has never let me down. And of course it just looks amazing. Love it.

My preferred memory card. I have many of them and so far, none has let me down. I use them in my Camera, GoPro, drone and as a means to transfer files on my laptop.

My 4TB backup memory drive. I highly recommend having a backup storage solution if you plan to record video or take pictures during your travels. Cards can fail or get lost, possibly stolen. Always good to have a backup somewhere safe.

Luggage and Travel Accessories

My favorite travel bags. They are indestructible and can handle being thrown around by luggage carriers in airports. I also prefer them over hard case bags as those are less easy to leave open in hotel rooms as the zipper on those is usual in the middle.

My amazing noise-canceling travel headset. Great sound and I use them for video and audio editing. I even sleep with them in airplanes.

My beloved backpack. It goes everywhere I go. Keeps my laptop safe and fits all my other gear too. Mine is black though…

Travel Booking and Accommodation


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