Welcome to JanusLog, my travel blog and vlog. I love traveling – who doesn’t? For over two decades, I have traveled to dozens of countries in all continents of our beautiful planet. But more recently, I have decided to document my experiences and learnings from my travels and encounters with amazing people around the world. I mainly capture my travel experiences in video through vlogs or in writing. And my vlogs and blog posts combine my passions for knowledge sharing, learning and traveling. I feel fortunate to be able to discover new places and get to know many new perspectives and deep insights from people I meet. We never stop learning. And I hope you will find this site to be a useful resource and source of inspiration for your future travels.

I am not a digital nomad, although sometimes it feels like. I travel a lot for work and try to find the time to explore new places during my off days or vacations. My vlog posts aim to be informative and inspirational. I capture interesting facts and stories about fascinating places and people, their culture, insights and recommendations. In addition, this sites covers highlights on food, shopping, budget, gear, transport, safety, communications and so much more.

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